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38                                                   TH^KITR BADAJ*  SIKH.
by Anrangzeb, "was brought back by 'Azam after the Emperor's decease, and
both father and son died within four months of each other.
A little later, Jay Sinh of Amber was commissioned by the two Saiyids,
then in power at DelM, to reduce the Jat freebooters. He invested their two
strongholds, but could not succeed in making any impression upon them, and
accordingly retired : only, however, to return almost immediately ; this time
bringing with him a larger army, and also a local informant in the person of
Badan Sinh, a younger brother of Chura-mani's, who, in consequence of some
family feud, had been placed in confinement, from which he had contrived to
escape and make his way to Jaypur. Thun was then (1712 A.D.) again in-
vested, and after a siege of sis months taken and its fortifications demolished.
Cluira-ttiani and his son Muhkam fled the country, and Badan Sinh was for-
mally proclaimed at Dig as leader of the Jats, with the title of Thakur.
He is chiefly commemorated in the Mathura district by the handsome
mansion he built for himself at Sahar. This appears to have been his favour-
ite residence in the latter years of his life. Adjoining it is a very large tank,
of which one side is faced with stone and the rest left unfinished, the work
having probably been interrupted by his death. The house was occupied as a
talisili under the English Government till the mutiny, when all the records
were transferred for greater safety to Chhata, which has ever since continued
the head of the pargana, and the house at Sahar is now unoccupied and fallino-
into rain. He married into a family seated at Kumar, near KosI, where also
is a large masonry tank, and in connection with it a walled garden containing
three Chbattris in memory of Chaudhri Maha Bam, Jat, and his wife and
child. The Chaudhri was tie Th&kurani's brother, and it appears that her
kinsmen were people of some wealth and importance, as the Castle Hill at
Kamar is still crowned with several considerable edifices of brick and stone
where they once resided. t  .
For some years before his death, Thakur Badan Sinh had retired alto-
gether from pctble life. To one of his younger sons, by name Pratap
Sinh,* he had especially assigned the newly erected fort at Wayar, south-.
of Bharat-pur, with the adjoining district, while the remainder of the
Jit principality was administered by the eldest son, Suxaj Mall. On his
father's death, Suraj'MaH assumed the title of Baja and fixed his capital at
Blmmt-por, from which place he had ejected the previous governor, a kinsman,
* Two oqur sog were named Sotth* B&a and Bk